Wednesday, 12 August 2009

How to Find Someone's Name From a Cell Phone Number - 3 Useful Tips!

The main reasons why thousands of reverse cell phone lookups are done everyday are;

  • Annoying prank callers
  • People trying to catch a cheating spouse (or trying to prove their innocence)
  • People trying to confirm suspicions of a new employee who may be selling company secrets

When it comes to tracing a mobile number, your best option is online reverse cell phone directories. They specialize in cellular numbers and unlisted numbers and you have about a 95% chance of finding the information you're looking for (if anybody says there is a 100% chance, they're probably exaggerating/lying!)

How can an online reverse cellular phone directory help?

Information on wireless phone users are recorded and fed into private databases that are exclusively meant for mobile numbers. Because phone books like the white pages does not publish cell phone subscriber information, the only practical option (private detectives also do this, but because of the expense involved, it's not that practical) is these online directories.

The advantages of using online directories would be:

  • The high speed service which provides results within seconds.
  • The convenience of being able to access it from anywhere using your home/office computer
  • Giving you details of the subscriber's Family, Neighbors, Marital records etc in addition to basic information like his/her Full Name, Age, and Past and Present Addresses

3 Tips!

There are dozens of such online databases out there. However, that doesn't mean you should use the very first service you stumble upon. It is highly recommended that you check if the database you selected:

  1. Is regularly updated - Mobile numbers are re-registered with new subscribers once they are discarded; therefore, with an outdated database, there is always a chance that you may get inaccurate results!
  2. Has at least 200 million numbers - more than 95% of the US population use cellphones. Smaller the database, slimmer your chance of finding the number
  3. Lets you search for multiple numbers

However, NOT all reverse cell phone directories are equally Accurate and Reliable. Some databases are just too small while some are outdated and therefore inaccurate. You must avoid such databases at any cost.

By: Heather Martinez




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