Friday, 11 September 2009

99 Cents - That's All it Takes to Find Someone's Name From a Cell Phone Number! Yes, That's 99 Cents

People do reverse cell phone lookups all the time for a hundred and one reasons these days. Unlike in the past where you had to hire a private investigator for tracing cell phone numbers, today you can use online reverse phone directories that are specifically meant for cellular phones.

Can you use the white pages instead? Unfortunately not. The answer is simple. The white pages does not list mobile numbers. This is mainly because of the existing privacy laws that are in place to protect wireless phone user privacy. Yes there are privacy rights of mobile phone users and there are laws to protect them.

This is why you're not constantly bothered by telemarketers on your wireless phone. This is also why you haven't seen a mobile phone directory from Verizon, Sprint, Cingular etc. They simply don't exist.

If cellular numbers were freely published on public phone books like the white pages, the above mentioned privacy laws cannot be protected. In a matter of minutes, your cell number will be in the hands of telemarketers and all kinds of unwanted people.

Privately maintained reverse mobile number directories

These online directories are the only way for you and I to access cellular number information. There are various services charging you various amounts. The most expensive websites charge you as much as $99. Then there are others that charge you $49 and one of the most popular services charge you $14.95.

99 Cents - Yes, that's all it takes for tracing a cell number

However, there are also other websites that charge you as little as 99 cents. You may think it sounds too good to be true. But it is true and they give you the same (or even more) information than you get for $14.95.

Don't Spend $49, don't even spend $29 or even $14.95 for a reverse cell phone look up. The biggest and best companies can give you the best deals because they have millions of customers, not hundreds of customers like in the case of smaller companies...

Their regular price is $4.99, but right now they're running a 80% off special deal that makes it just 99 cents However, the deal may not last forever and you should grab it while it lasts by Clicking Here Right Now!

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