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How to Download Free Ringtones to Your Cell Phone

Back when cell phones and the internet were both fairly new resources, no one really paid attention to what was advertised or given away for free. It used to be really easy to find a place that would allow you to download free ringtones to cell phone or other mobile devices with no problem. As the internet and mobile technologies have become far more complex, they have also become far more regulated, and the cell phone carriers have caught on to the fact that there's a lot of money to be made in the world of free ringtones and other downloadable accessories for the mobile phone.

If you've ever been stuck at the department of motor vehicles or the bank on Friday, you know that sometimes phones can be the only relief in a really boring or time consuming situation. While there are games and text messaging capabilities on most phones, these things are huge batter sapping activities and they can still get pretty old when you've been waiting in line for an hour or so. Why not learn how to download free ringtones to cell phone devices so that you can have a way to customize your phone while you wait?

Most cell phones already come with some ringtones installed on them already. Although these ringtones are very easy to use and they are likely to be compatible with your phone, they are usually the most boring and the least interesting. The ringtones that companies choose to load on their phones for free are often the monophonic ones. Monophonic ringtones are simple and only play one tone at a time. This means only songs with very simple melodies are eligible for these types of ringtones. Unless you really like songs and chimes that only have simple melodies, these ringtones will not be enough to satisfy you.

Depending on who your cell phone carrier is, you may be able to search the internet for official ringtones that are offered by the manufacturer of your phone. These sites will often include great instructions on how to download free ringtones to cell phone that may be offered as promotions or part of a special marketing campaign. For instance, you might be able to get a special clip of theme music from a television show or a movie, just because the phone company has partnered with the movie.

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