Thursday, 10 September 2009

Reverse Cell Phone Directory - Who Keeps Calling My Wife When I Am at Work?

I hate to say it or even admit to it, but women are much better cheaters than men. I mean there have been times in the past when friends have told me they found out about a girl who was cheating on me from years ago and I did not even know it then. I have to admit they are pretty good at lying, but there are ways for you to find out what is going on when you are not around, especially when you are away at work all day long.
When you are at work all day, it provides your wife the perfect opportunity to fool around on you and talk to anyone that she wants to. All the while she is probably thinking that she is getting away with it, but really she is not. The cell phone bills and call history logs on the phone tell a different story and if you are smart enough to check it, you can very well catch her in the act and call her on it.

The best way to call her on it is to find out exactly who keeps calling and talking to her on her cell phone. Once you have the phone number in hand you can check out a reverse cell phone directory to see who owns that number that keeps calling. If you see that it is a relative in a different state, then you can just let it go, but if it is a guy's name that lives the same town as you then you may want to make some surprise trips home in the middle of the day to see what is going on when you are not there. Once you do then you can rest easy knowing the truth.

If you want peace of mind, here is my number one recommendation for a Reverse Cell Phone Directory Just Click Here to find the owner of any number.
By Arvy Smith




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