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Virgin Mobile Prepaid Review

Virgin Mobile USA has been providing prepaid cell phone service in the United States for 7 years (since 2002) and has become a major player in the prepaid market. Their trendy advertisements and promotions at youth concerts has set them as the prepaid phone of choice for teens and young adults.

Their newest offering, totally unlimited talk, is sure to make them an even bigger success.

I have used them as a weekend phone for 3 years now and I find that they are absolutely amazing. It's a great phone for me because I am able to give out the number to strangers and not have to worry about getting disrupted on my regular phone.

I've used Tracfone and Boost Mobile in the past, and I have to say that the customer service at Virgin Mobile has always, in my opinion, been superior. Plus, the inexpensive phones are a huge bonus.

The main issues I have with their service is the low quality phones. Sure, I love the cheap phones, but I would also like the option to use an expensive, trendy phone with their service. It does look a bit tacky typing in a ladies number to your Marbl at the club!


Their prices are comparable with other prepaid services. They really stand out with the cheap or even free phones that they sometimes offer. However, Tracfone has recently done some catching up with Virgin Mobile in this area.


They have always offered great features, such as their now obsolete "Sugar Mama" program. As the name implies, Sugar Mama lent you the opportunity to earn free minutes to use on your phone by watching advertisements. They also used to have this service that would call you and read off a script that would help you pretend something pressing had come up and that you must leave.

Customer Service

Great customer services, based in the good 'ol US of A.

Service Area

Virgin Mobile offers nationwide services.

Overall, Virgin Mobile is a great choice for a prepaid cell phone provider and you will not be disappointed. I've been with them for years and will probably continue to use them for the foreseeable future.

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