Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Will Mobile Cell Phones Cause Severe Problems With the Environment?

Mobile cell phones are the fasted growing and hottest electronics on the market today. At least 80% of every household has at least one cell phone. Cell phones are not lethal to human health but are to the environment.

Cell phones contain many harmful chemicals such as Cadmium and Lead. These are two of the most serious chemicals that can damage this environment. Are you thinking that what can a few phones do to this world? They are doing damage this second. Every year 80 million phones are bought and that number is growing even more rapid as new companies rise and phones day by day get cheaper. Nowadays, users can get phones for less than $10 or even free! All these phones contain harmful chemicals that will damage our environment if not taken care of.

Well our government and private companies have come together to allow us the opportunity to Recycle our Cell Phones. These recycling programs will safely reuse and recycle the phones so that 80 million phones a year can be made from already made phones. This will dramatically help our environment because new phones with new materials will be less likely. When using these programs, people will be compensated. Most of the recycling companies provide users with money for their phone. The companies look at the market value of the phone and determining on that pay for the phone. Usually they pay more than market value because of the incentive that you are recycling.

So you are helping the environment and getting money for it. Not a bad deal! Recycling is important, it needs to be done or severe consequences will occur. Let us help our world today. Recycle your phone, save the world, and get money at the same time!

For all the programs available to US and UK users and how to use them please visit:
Sell Your Phone.

Recycling mobile cell phones is important. Cell phones contain many harmful chemicals that hurt our environment. I want to help people find ways to recycle there phone and receive money for them. Visit my site for more information. Recycle today and get money!

Sell Your Phone.

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by: Jack Daniells




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