Friday, 30 October 2009

Cell Phone Problems -Whether It's a Nokia Or Not

Out of the billions of handsets used everyday, a good fraction of the owners of those phones have a complaint or two about their phones. Most of the occasions, you will find the problem of the phone is usually caused by the way the owner handles the phone. Most of the complaints fall on the battery life after it has been charged. A simple plan may be used to mediate this problem.

Many people complain that their phone cuts off from them and does not give them a good charge. The cause of this may be attributed to a few factors. One, it may be that the user leaves the phone on charge for a long period. A cell phone battery is supposed to be charged for a duration of about 2-3 hours maximum. Some phones are left on charge through out the night with six or more hours charge time depending on the time that the owner will wake up.

This reduces the battery life span significantly. The trick behind this is to actually turn off the cell phone if you want to charge it while you are sleeping. This may actually end up saving even your financial budget, since a battery replacement costs anywhere between $40 and $80. This is quite alot of money to pay just because you are not able to master the charging time for your phone battery.

Probably when most people start switching off their phones at night, cell phone companies may come up with ways to record missed calls when the phone is switched. Now that would be what I call, "hitting two birds with one stone."

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