Monday, 19 October 2009

Don't Buy Cellular Phones Until You Read This First!

To find an individual without a cell phone is next to impossible these days unless you are an infant or in a nursing home. Heck it was less than ten years ago that I proclaimed I would never carry one of those electronic leashes around. Now if I am 30 minutes from my house and I realize I do not have my phone, you know I am turning around to go get it no matter where it is I was going. We as humans need to keep in touch it is in our nature to want to be connected. Cell phones in this day and age happen to be the number one way to accomplish this. But with all the choices of cheap cellular phones out there and the large selection of companies with the latest cellular phones sale its hard to know where to get the best cell phone deals.

Not to worry I am here to help. In the following article I will attempt to clear up the confusion and point you in the right direction when you are ready to buy cellular phone equipment. Whether you are looking for the latest t mobile cellular phone, the greatest lg wireless phones, or just the best free cellular phones on the market read on this will help.

First, have a plan this best place to start (even for the techies) is at the local wireless store believe it or not. This way you can touch and see the phone up close and the sales person can help you compare all the features and answer any questions you may have about the models you like. Whatever you do do not let the salesman talk you into buy cellular phones there. You are only there for research the fun part happens next.

As a savvy shopper you probably already know not to buy cellular phones at the store because they are much more expensive than the cheap and free cellular phones you can get from the authorized dealers on the internet. The question is still how do I know which of the hundreds of agents can I trust to get the best deals from?

This is where you need to do a little more research. Once you find the agents online you feel are giving you the best cell phone deals make sure you copy their exact web address then head on over to punch in the address and blam the length of time they have been on the net pops right up with some other good info. One thing, it is not 100 percent accurate so you may have to go to the bottom of the page where it says way back machine and click on that. You should get a more accurate analysis this way.

Now the idea here is the longer the company has been doing business online the more likely they will be a reputable company to do business with.

While this is usually a good indicator there are a few more things to consider, such as how do I know the phones I am buying from these agents are even new and not some refurbished junk being passed off as new?

The bad news is the answer here is a little more challenging and since sometimes a cleaned up old phone in a new box can be hard to tell even for an expert. So, now what? For the answers on this and much more check out my resource box below.

Here's the good news I have spent the last 6 years of my life devoted to being able to determine exactly that and I take all the guess work out of it. If you want to know for sure the companies I have found are the most reputable and can give you the best cell phone deals, click my review here at buy cellular phone to learn for sure you doing business with the right company.

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by: Aurthur Coleman




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