Wednesday, 28 October 2009

How to Recover a Deleted Text Message

If you take time to think about how long the average person uses their cell phone each day it really is mind boggling to understand the power that this relatively new technology has in modern life.

We use our mobile phones to text, send picture messages, post to Twitter and Facebook, email, play games and occasionally use it to talk to our friends, family and work colleagues. With new Smartphone technology the possibilities are limitless and it's easy to see how people value their cell phone so much.

One of the main reasons people send texts is because it is fast and saves time. The next time you are on a train or a bus take a look around and you are bound to see someone sending a text or a picture message to someone they know -- but how does one recover a deleted text message?

It takes roughly 3 seconds to delete a text message and it that time you could be deleting important data like a friends new home address, directions to a new work office or even a recent photo of your nephew who just celebrated her birthday. For worried parents who like to monitor their teenagers mobile phone, recovering deleted text messages could be a good way to find out if they are getting bullied at school or in the most serious cases being stalked by online nuisances.

The best way to recover deleted text messages is to use a good SIM card recovery device that simply plugs in to your computer via USB port. You then run the installation disk and follow the manual that comes shipped with the hardware device.

By using a SIM card reader you will have the best chance to retrieve all lost data from your mobile phone including picture messages, texts, video clips and address books that may been corrupted or deleted.

Read the full 7 step guide on how to recover deleted text messages at the data recovery website where there are guides, hints and useful tips on all data, file and email recovery related topics.

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