Friday, 30 October 2009

Its Quick, Cheap and Easy to Replace Your Blackberry Trackball and Repair Your Smart Phone

Replacing the Blackberry trackball can be done yourself easily and quickly and can save you a lot of problems and money. You can buy a BlackBerry trackball replacement repair kit from an online store. To do the Blackberry trackball replacement process, you will need a small pry tool which comes free with the kit.

First you have to switch off the phone and the best way to do this is to open the back case and remove the battery. Next take the pry tool and put it slightly below the ring around the trackball. Try to lift the ring with the help of the pry tool but don't press too hard. You should be able to remove fairly easily. Then put it to one side. If it is not broken when you take it out of the phone, it could be used again or save for a future replacement.

The next thing is to take out the trackball. It is secured in its place by four little magnets. By using the pry tool you could easily just pry the trackball out but it's even easier to turn over the phone, give it a little tap on the back and the trackball will pop out.

Now the gap for the trackball is open you can check to see if there is any dust or dirt and give it a quick clean if there is. Do the cleaning as gently as possible by blowing some air into it.

Now take your new trackball, which has four white notches grouped by two on each side of the trackball. These notches should point to the sides of your blackberry phone when the trackball is inserted in its place. You can insert it easily by hand, by just using the pry tool to push slightly to make sure the blackberry trackball sticks in its place.

After the trackball is in place you have to put back the ring that holds it. You could use your old ring or the new one that came with your new trackball. It is important to notice that the ring has notches on each of its sides except on one. The side with no notches is the one that should point upward (i.e. to the top of your blackberry phone) when you insert the ring. When you place it in the phone, press the ring so it sticks into place. The replacement of your blackberry trackball has been done, and your phone has been repaired.

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Paul Weatherley - Blackberry Technician

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