Friday, 30 October 2009

Top 3 Business Mobiles For Your Business Needs

Mobile phones were launched as a communication device. But over the years this gadget and its usage has evolved beyond imagination. They have developed into a complete entertainment device. One can watch videos, play music, play games, click pictures and make videos. The mobile phones are constantly being updated. More and more features are being added to them. The latest one from the mobile industry is the business mobile phone.

These phones help one to efficiently run their business. One can stay in touch with the clients and associates for the latest updates and quick action. All the brands have come with their business mobiles. There are so many of them being sold in the market that it is difficult to make a choice. But still there are some which are better than the others.

The top three business mobile phones which stand above the rest are discussed below.

1. Blackberry8820 - It has one of the best features that can be used to enhance one's business. This mobile phone has an integrated wi fi, which helps the phone to easily connect to the internet, which is one of the most basic needs of a business person. People who depend a lot on emails will love to have the facility of push email on their phone. For the connectivity these phones are enabled with Bluetooth. These phones come with security features so that all your data can be kept confidential.
2. Nokia E90 - This phone is almost like a blackberry. It has features that make it an attractive option for the business people. It has a good capacity of storing all your corporate information. The latest technology like IMAP4, SMTP and POP3 servers has also been added to support your emails. This one is a 3G phone containing GPRS, WLAN, VOIP and EDGE all of which makes it even more efficient as a business phone. It has infrared, Bluetooth and USB for connectivity. This phone is also enabled with PDF viewer so that you can easily view your business files which are in the PDF format.

Apart from this one can even check the Nokia E61. It is a smart phone which will fulfill all Your business needs. It has a QWERTY keyboard which makes typing anything very easy. It has an LED indicator which will inform you when you receive an email. Instead of the PDF reader, here you have Microsoft Office. This phone has features which helps it to act like an office extension. It is a good substitute for your personal secretary.

1. O2 Flame - The size of its screen is its biggest USP. It makes browsing the net very easy and comfortable. It is also a 3G phone. So business people can use this phone to work online easily. It has pocket office in place of PDF or MS office. The only drawback is that it consumes a lot of power, because of its large screen.

Use these phones to run your business efficiently.

For any help on business mobiles, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the business mobiles!

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