Wednesday, 4 November 2009

BlackBerry Credit Card App For Mobile Salesman

Are you a mobile salesperson looking for information about in-field credit card processing? This short article should certainly pique your interest. In this piece I'll introduce you to one such application for BlackBerrys that can help you sell more, faster.

There's a common trouble that affects many kinds of businesses. Perhaps you're familiar with it?

Salespeople and similar individuals like in-field service reps, often could use an easy method that assists in the processing of credit payments when clients don't have cash available to purchase your product or service.

This was once a major issue for service-providers that depend on these kinds of on-the-spot transactions. With the development of wireless swipe credit-card readers this puzzle was somewhat solved, but such types of credit-card processing are awkward and hard to use effectively.

Now, quite a few businesses operate with BlackBerry mobile devices for the in-field reps to make sure they are efficient in time management and maintain continued contact with clients, other sales reps, and of course their sales supervisors.

Just recently, with the deployment of a multitude of BlackBerrys in these businesses, an opportunity to fix the credit card transaction problem has been developed. An App that introduces a new way to accept credit card payments has been just recently released. This app is a win for mobile salesmen and their customers.

This software presents in-field representatives with a way to get card payments from clients outside the home office - without lugging around wireless card-swipe terminals. Talk about convenient!

There's no equipment to lease, and you only have to install a small application. That's it. You're all set.

If your business sometimes gets customers outside of a traditional storefront, you now have the opportunity to make additional sales you might have otherwise lost.

If you are making an appearance at, for example a local event, or you just sell a product that does not require running a physical shop, you can now insure your customers are given the same simple credit payment options wherever they are.

You may additionally see sales transactions increase because of the additional means to receive payment. This dynamic payment method can clearly demonstrate that you're faster than your competition - and more credible too. This App will help increase revenues, all while being shockingly easy to implement.

Of course, if the business doesn't already have in-field sales reps, they could now take advantage of technology that could improve how business is done.

This App for BlackBerry devices is a low-cost alternative, particularly when compared with other card transaction applications for mobile phones. And it's definitely more convenient and lower-cost acquiring than wireless card-readers.

If security is a big concern for you, rest easy. The application has top-of-the-line security that produces advanced SSL encryption. It additionally presents users with the ability of address verification (AVS) support, with zip code, street, and CVV fraud detection. Featuring a simple single-screen entry page. You can get this BlackBerry Credit Card Processing App for "FREE" with a 100% refund/rebate when you sign up with or PayPal Payflow Pro.

The application also interfaces with all major merchant services, such as, Paypal Pay Flow Pro, ChronoPay, SagePay and PayPoint. This App also includes support for all major credit cards. This BlackBerry Credit Card App is the ideal utility to use from any location via cell phones without buying costly credit card processing terminals.

Try BlackBerry Credit Card App for Tour 9630, Storm 95XX, Bold 9000 & Curve 8350, 8500 & 8900. Supports Authorize.Net & PayPal Payflow Pro. Dr. Knox Grandison is an Entrepreneur-Physician and has been for over 10 years.

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