Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Get Rid of Boredom by Playing Cell Phone Games

Since the release of Simon by IBM in 1992, the term "mobile phone" has been redefined. It was no longer just a portable telephone as is its literal definition. It has now become more than just a gadget for calling and sending text messages; you can now perform virtually anything you may with a personal computer-which has given rise to the term "smartphone"-without your behind having to be stuck on a swivel chair. You can view the calendar and add memoranda like anniversaries, birthdays, or meetings on certain dates without having to write shorthand because of limited grid space; you can record songs, play music, and take photos when with friends or family at a party; or, you can browse the Internet and check your email, update your Facebook status and tweet your followers. And how about when you're all alone, maybe waiting in a queue for a dentist appointment, and you got bored? Why, you can play cell phone games, of course.

The first ever game on the phone was Snake which came pre-installed on several Nokia units in 1997. Some variants of the game followed, becoming more detailed in graphics and more challenging. By the time its colored successor came, other cell phone games have spawned the mobile media market; these games had to be bought already and did not just come pre-installed on phones.

And then the iPhone came. The release of the iPhone in 2007 by American consumer electronics and computer software manufacturer Apple Inc. has revolutionized the way we view smartphones. It raised the bar for all mobile phone applications, including cell phone games. But why not? With its capacitive-sensing touchscreen and 3-axis accelerometer which senses the orientation of the phone and rotates the screen accordingly, you can have more fun with the additional functions you can perform on a certain game. For instance, with Tapulous' Tap Tap Revenge which is much like the 1998 Konami-introduced craze, Dance Dance Revolution, you not only need to tap the colored balls that fall to the line at the bottom of the screen; you also need to move the iPhone to certain directions to gain points.

Sure, all that requires more genius and more effort from the geeky creators and developers of these cell phone games, but all that sprang up from what Steve Jobs started with his brainchild, the iPhone. And as was his intent when he thought of the idea, these applications serve to allow us more variety in the things we can do on the iPhone and the games we could enjoy, too.

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