Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hard Beginning - The Way of the Apple iPhone in China

Just as the sudden cold wave in Beijing China, the way of Apple iPhone in China is covered by the thick snow. Although Apple chooses to cooperate with the No.2 mobile carrier of China, China Unicom, it has to face the fact that iPhone hurdles in China.

A lot of stores still had iPhones in stock until now, and this pretty mobile phone has only been sold in several provincial capital cities. I believe that at least half of the Chinese mobile phone users have not heard of the coming of iPhone. Maybe they will not purchase it at all.


Although China Unicom is the No.2 mobile carrier of China, the number of its customers is only one-sixth of the number of the customers of China Mobile. Using the China Mobile SIM card has become a habit but not just a choice in the Chinese life environment. You can save much money if you and your contact persons all choose to use service of China Mobile, because you can send hundreds of free short massages to your girlfriend, make a cheap telephone call to your mother, enjoy the free call time in a virtual net or school net, only if you all own a China Mobile SIM card in your mobile phone.

So China Unicom wanted to capture users from the China Mobile by Apple iPhone, however, it is too late! More and more unauthorized iPhone from grey-market had been accepted by users because of the cheap price, even if the target customers whom can accept the price or like the iPhone very much want to buy it, they have purchased from all kinds of channels instead of this cooperation of Apple and China Unicom. Besides, many kinds of competitors of iPhone have been sold, such as Droid, Nokia 5800 and so on. They are much cheaper.

We still have hundreds of reasons to choose to use iPhone, such as the rapid CPU, the gravity induction system, the wonderful App Store, the cut Wi-Fi and so on, but iPhone has still a long and dark way to stagger in China.

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