Sunday, 8 November 2009

iPhone Apps That Save You Money

With the holiday season right around the corner and the fact that we are in one of the worst economic recessions in a long time it only makes sense to find ways to save money everywhere you can. And if you are one of 30 million iPhone owners then you already know there are some great apps that can help save you a few bucks along the way. Here are three:

Red Laser

This has been the number 1 paid for app in the itunes store and for good reason. It utilizes the iPhone camera and actually turns it into a barcode reader. Now when you're out and about shopping and you see something you like you can pull out your iPhone scan the barcode and the Red Laser app will automatically searches Amazon and Google Product Search for the best online prices for the item you scanned. Never pay too much for a consumer good again!


Since I am an avid change collector I had to investigate this app. This one helps you build and stay on a budget. With just a few taps you can enter your monthly budget plan and track your daily expenses. Every time you spend money on something you enter it into your iPhone. You can track everything in different categories so you know where every penny has gone. It then helps you analyze how your doing by highlighting your top expenses and will report how much you have forked out in each category. If you're like me then each penny matters and now you can see just where they went and how many you have left!

App Sniper

Ok - as a die hard iPhone addict and user I had to include this money saving app as well. If you are continuously going back to the App store checking out the newest apps then you will love this app too! It allows you to check and see which apps are on sale and gives you notifications when the apps your interested in hit a target price.

There you are, armed with three new great apps all designed to help save you money one way or another. Be sure to visit our web site for other cool app and game reviews along with really cool 3g iPhone downloads!

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