Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mobile Phones to Accommodate Xbox 360 & PS3 Quality Graphics by 2013

The wonder of the latest smartphones could be set to increase over the coming years. This week's revelation surrounds the possibility of Xbox 360 and PS3-quality graphics being implemented for mobile phones.

At a recent expo in London, Qualcomm has suggested that its graphics chips will be capable of rendering games console-style visuals over the next few years. This will be music to the ears of multimedia users who value their mobile phones as more than just a means of communication - it is their primary form of entertainment.

The evolution of micro chip design is set to give mobile phones the platform to access and power significantly larger gaming platforms. Such developments suggest that the consumer market should brace itself for the ultimate in handheld gaming devices over the coming years. This would most certainly interest the younger generation who have taken to the latest handheld games consoles such as the PSP and the Nintendo DS.

Qualcomm expects to be producing mobile chips powered by a dual-core processor over the next couple of years as well as mobile chips with dedicated 2D and 3D graphics. Nevertheless, Qualcomm's developments will only be significant if the mobile manufacturers and games publishers work together to make an ultimate gaming mobile device a realistic possibility.

Apple's iPhone 3G S still has tremendous untapped potential in the entertainment sector and its versatility and power mean that despite reservations, the very latest entertainment mobile handsets are not very far away. With sophisticated games and applications available for download on your handset, the capability to power 3D games is a mouth-watering prospect.

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