Sunday, 8 November 2009

Samsung Phones - Beauty Meets Substance

Mobile Phones have become a requirement rather than a luxury as was the case earlier. The number of people using it has increased and to fulfill the growing requirements more and more handset manufacturers have setup base. Market leaders include Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and more recently with the advent of Apple iPhone and BlackBerry models, the competition has intensified. Despite this plenty of people still trust Nokia and Samsung for their new phone. Nokia is the number one seller across the globe but Samsung is the biggest seller in United States thereby cementing its place.

Samsung phones have always been popular for their wonderful body structure, their compactness and their beautiful design. Their handsets come in various shapes and sizes such as clamshells, slider, solid, swivel, etc. but have the common feature of beautiful design and overall scintillating prettiness. Earlier their phones served the primary requirement of staying in touch through calls and messages but now there are requirements such as browsing the Internet, reading documents, capturing images and videos and listening to music in spectacular quality. Also typing of text is made quicker and easier by using QWERTY keyboard in place of the usual standard keypads. Mobile phones and smart phones of today can also be compared to desktop computers of yesterday with almost equal storage space being provided to store images, sounds, applications, system files, documents, games etc. These smartphones also enable the user to know of their exact location and get a route map of their desired destination using maps service.

Now the South Korean major has come up with fantastic imaging devices such as M8910 Pixon12, M8800 Pixon and also provides cheap touchscreen gadgets such as Tocco lite along with smartphones such as Omnia, Omnia Pro, i8510. Style is also not compromised with as devices such as S3500 Pink, Beat DJ, Armani etc prove the essence that fashion holds.

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