Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Should I Buy an iPhone?

There is no debating the fact that the Apple iPhone is wildly popular and that it has legions of devoted fans. The iPhone has taken the "phone" to an entirely new level with everything it does. Whatever you can think of: "There's an App for that". But if you are considering an iPhone, I will explain to you why I would never buy one.

The Problem with Flat Phones

The biggest issue with the iPhone is really an issue with all "flat phones". Other such phones include the Blackberry models, LG Dare, Palm Treo and many more. Most phones classified as "smart phones" are flat phones. So what's wrong with flat phones?

Basically phones are made for talking aren't they? Smart phones have taken phone functionality to a much higher level by loading on features like full keyboards for text messaging, web access, and GPS navigation systems. But underneath all that, the basic use of a phone is for talking and flat phones are simply more difficult to talk on.

Since these phones are indeed 'flat', they don't curve to the contour of your head. When you hold a this kind of phone to your ear, the microphone is out wide from your mouth and makes for spotty conversations. You can compensate by holding the microphone closer to your mouth, but then the ear speaker moves further from your ear. That's why I just say: save your money and get a flip phone!

Flip Phones to the Rescue!

Flip phones are phones that "flip" or open in the middle, creating a curvature that solves the problem of a flat phone. It naturally curves so that the ear speaker is close in to your ear and the microphone is closer to your mouth. As a result, conversations tend to be cleaner and less spotty with a good flip phone.

Flip phones have other advantages too. When they are folded, the screen and the keys are protected. There is no protection for the screen and the keys with a flat phone unless you buy an optional 'skin' to protect it. Even then if it's a flat phone with a touch screen, the skin cannot cover the screen to be effective so the touch screen will need to be exposed. When you put a flat phone in a purse or pocket, the screen and keys can rub against other things and get scratched up.

Another advantage to flip phones is no "accidental dialing". Most horizontal phones have some sort of key lock mechanism but even then, the key lock can be accidentally deactivated in a pocket or purse. When I had a flat phone I remember "calling people" quite unintentionally because the flat phone rubbed around in my pocket and landed on someone's number! This rarely happens with a flip phone because in their folded position, the keys are inaccessible.

Lastly but for many people perhaps the most important advantage is price. Flip phones are generally far less expensive than smart phones. Sometimes you can get flip phones free or 'near free' with a 2 year plan. In this economy, every dollar saved is important and who needs to pour money into a phone that will probably be replaced in 18 to 24 months?

So before you buy an iPhone or any other smart phone, ask yourself what the most important feature will be. Some people will say the most important feature is texting or the camera. Those people might be better off with a flat phone such as the iPhone. But if you're like most people, the most important feature will be talking and the ability to carry on quality voice conversations. If that's the case, skip the iPhone. Your best choice is a flip phone.

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