Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tips on How to Trace a Cell Phone Number

Are you looking for how to trace a cell phone number? Maybe someone has been annoying you with prank calls, maybe you have a telephone number and you would like to match the telephone number with the name of the owner.

In the past, you would need the help of a private detective, a police officer or a government law enforcement agency in order to trace a cell phone number. So what would you do if you needed to trace a cell phone number but could not afford the amount of money needed to hire a private detective and you didn't want to involve the police or any other government enforcement agency?

Well, you need not worry. Recent advances in technology have made it easier for every one of us to conduct simple investigative work such as tracing someone through their telephone number. The great thing about the computer and the internet is that, unlike in the past, you can now find the details of the person a particular telephone number is registered to right from the comfort of your home.

With a good computer and reverse phone lookup directories, you should be able to trace that cell phone number within minutes. The good thing about these reverse phone lookup directories is that their owners have worked round the clock to gather the information of the owners of more than 98% of all cell phone numbers that have been issued into their own easy-to-use database.

Until recently, you were not able to have access to this type of information without spending large amounts money. Fortunately for you and I, we can now trace a cell phone number right from our homes. The great thing is that the real requirement is just the telephone number ( plus the area code ) in question and a good reverse phone lookup directory.

With these two things, you will be able to trace a mobile phone number back to the owner to discover information such as:

the name of the owner
his or her full address
issuing location and carrier
the owner's previous addresses
owner's criminal records and more.

While, there are many reverse cell phone look up directories on the internet, not all of these services are good. The service I use and recommend is reverse phone detective. It is regarded by many as the best reverse phone look up directory. Click here to read a review on reverse phone detective now.

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