Saturday, 21 November 2009

Working With a Smartphone - Sony Ericsson Aino

Human beings are never satisfied. Contentment is something that is fast and passing. There is only one thing that is continual in this universe and that is change. Change may be attributed to the style individuals think and the mind is very intricate if we take human anatomy into account. Ideas come and go in our brains fast like how a racing bullet passes over its target. Mankind incessantly find things to make day to day life easier. Our ancestors, in order to oppose darkness and hold out in the cold, they learned fire. For thousands of years, people thought that the earth was straight, until such time Christopher Columbus compassed the earth and established that it was round. An effort that took many many days to be accomplished. Because of our powerful brains, we were able to cope and come up with devices and innovations that staggeringly made a divergence in our history; The Wright Brothers invented the airplane to be able to allow humanity to traverse borders in a matter of hours; and Doctor Martin Cooper manufactured the mobile phone to link up man anywhere, in a matter of seconds. Bit By Bit the domination of the human mind made the Earth smaller and the introduction of the communication technology connected individuals from across states.

Most individuals can't survive the day without having their mobile phones. In order to get an all-day's work to be finished sometimes require the utilization of these kinds of devices. As a result, we are in serious need of a mobile phone that has multiple functionalities. Good thing that Sony Ericsson never stops to respond to the cacophony of man for sophisticated and snazzy mobile phones with elevated features. To date, the latest and may be the hottest so far among the launched mobile phones of Sony Ericsson is their Aino White.

This 3G mobile phone which is also considered as a "smartphone" has an utterly huge 3" TFT touch sensitive screen that shows about 16 million colours, pics, video recordings and many others. The mobile phone with its sleek white colored casing and high gloss finish is really catchy to the eyes.

The Sony Ericsson Aino White mobile phone arrives with an 8.1 megapixel photographic camera that can handle up to 16x digital zoom, plus an Auto Focus and Face detection feature. It also has Image stabilizer and red-eye reduction features presenting you picture perfect results when taking pics. This phone is also capable of quick data transfer with its 3G HSDPA connection. Online connectivity is attained over the WAP 2.0 XHTML Browser and Www Feeds innovation. Truly, the Sony Ericsson Aino White is new reflection of Man's constructive mind and will power for him to survive in the supposed 3G World.

The author loves to write anything about electronics especially cheap mobile phones such as the Sony Ericsson Aino and just new in the market too the Nokia 2730 Classic.

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