Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Address Search Using a Phone Number - Tips on How to Find People Using Their Phone Number

There are so many times when we have a phone number and wish we could match the number with an address or a name. There are so many reasons why any one would want to perform an address search using a phone number, some of these reasons include:

<- Nailing a prank caller
<- Locating the address of an old friend using their number
<- Researching a phone number that keep showing up on one's partner's phone.

And so many other reasons.

However, it can be very difficult if the number you are trying to lookup is a cell phone number. This is because mobile phone numbers are not listed in the public directories.

However, there are directories where you can do a address search using a phone number for a little fee. These directories that allow you to find address from phone number work by buying their information from big telecommunication companies and various other places.

How much do they charge?

Every directory is at liberty to fix their own price as it is not regulated. However, the price is not something very high. There are directories that charge as much as $49.95. However, the directory I use and recommend charges $14.95 per search but they also have a premium service that allows you to run unlimited searches for as little as $39.95

How Do I know A Directory is good?

Below are some qualities of a good directory :

<- Must be regularly updated
<- Must have large database of numbers
<- Must not be too expensive ( Note that a high price directory does not necessarily have to be the best and vice versa)
<- Must allow you to do a demo search ( a demo search will allow you to know if the number is available on their directory or not)
<- Must offer a money back guarantee ( The directory I use offers a 60 days more back guarantee)

Disadvantages of choosing the wrong directory

<- Overly priced
<- Small database
<- Out-of-date or incorrect data

By: Kingsley Abiodun Aje




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