Thursday, 13 August 2009

iPhone Apps Reviewed For You

If you are like me you take pleasure in twittering from your iPhone. We compiled a list of the top 3 twitter Applications for iPhone. We believe these apps are a must for the committed twitterer. If you deal with multiple accounts it is very trying to do without one of these twitter apps.

Here are the top twitter apps for the iPhone

1. Tweetie is one of our favorite twitter iPhone applications. Many users concur. There is a paid or Limited version. It is a prevalent choice and we certainly know why. It allows you to deal with multiple twitter accounts. Casual users might not understand the meaning of this but small business users who take care of multiple accounts know this is de rigueur. The app helps you unearth contacts and followers. A number of valuable features include having a secure login element, the ability to save your search, an automatic url shortener that uses bit.Ly, and the faculty to navigate twitter in a fast user friendly interface.

2. Twiterfon is another top twitter app that has an exceptional platform that supports multiple accounts. It allows you to add and remove favorites quickly. The pro Edition has many more valuable features such as instapaper integration, multiple account support, Chat view and saved search. The pro version also supports multiple accounts. Both free and pro have a very clean and easy to use interface.

3. Twitterlator Pro has many Excellent new features for the iPhone 3gs. The most impressive one is it's new video feature. It is a twitter app that allows you to shoot, record and edit and tweet video. Some other appealing features include auto splitting of tweets and dms (direct messages). It also allows for location based tweeting, multiple user accounts and many other highly customizable Alternatives.

These are 3 of the top twitter iPhone apps that are available. There are many more twitter app reviews available at our site: free iPhone apps, free iPhone applications, free apps, free applications, best free iPhone apps, best free iPhone application.

By: Alan X Redman




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