Friday, 25 September 2009

3 Ways to Make Cheap Mobile Calls

Everybody knows they can make a telephone call using their landline phone, their mobile or even a software on the computer to place a call over the internet. Choosing any of the above you are able to save on your monthly phone bill. The big questions is how can one use a mobile phone to make cheap calls.

Good news are you can save on your mobile calls and use modern technology that is friendly and simple to use - and save a lot of money while using your mobile to make these calls. There are Voip phone service suppliers that allow you to start a phone call online and enjoy cheap VoIP rates using your mobile.

How does it work?

1. One way to do that is by a service called "Callback". You need to enter both your own mobile phone number and the destination number; the Voip call provider will then connect the two numbers and call your number. When you answer the call, you're connected and ready to talk.

2. Another way of using the internet to make cheap mobile calls is by using an access number.

You are supplied with a local access number that you call using your mobile. The server on that number acknowledges you mobile number and opens an internet telephone line for your use. All you have to do is dial the destination number, including the country code and press the # key. Your call will be connected via the internet at low rates.

3. One more alternative for making cheap (and in some cases free) calls from your mobile phone is to download VoIP software to your mobile. Once you've downloaded the software, you can dial straight from your mobile using VoIP . Most of the times the software program is free to download and immediately let's you enjoy cheap international mobile call rates.

As you may understand there is a bit of know how first before you start enjoying the low rates when making calls using your mobile.

If you are interested in making Cheap Mobile Calls there is some important information you need to find out first. Click the link to find cheapest mobile calls rates using the net.

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by: Eyal Barzilay




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