Saturday, 26 September 2009

Carrying a Library in My Pocket - Smartphones For Education

I carry my library with me everywhere I go.

You may raise an eyebrow but believe it or not, it is true.

I got my library in my pocket.

I have my KJV Bible, my Oxford dictionaries; pocket English, medical, business, idioms, the thesaurus, even an Islamic Qur'an and the Nostradamus Prophecies.

I even have the novels I like to read. Treasure Island and Robinson Crusoe books are just a couple of the books in my library that I carry around.

I got a book about First Aid in it too.

All of these books and the rest that I have not mentioned fit snugly in my pocket without the burden of the weight.

Hey, wait a sec; I said "I got my library in my pocket." not in my bag.

I'm not carrying a laptop computer, if that's what you think. One cannot put a laptop in a pocket at the first place. It is too big and quite too heavy for comfort if ever you manage to fit it in your pocket.

Having a library in my pocket provides me much comfort in more ways than few. I can read my favorite book everywhere any time. May it be on a picnic, on board a bus going home, or laying down on a hammock swinging from a branch under the mango tree while sipping a hot coffee mixed with a shot of brandy during week ends. If I choose to take a hike to the nearby jungle, I can listen to an audio book for hours.

Ok, ok, you might already get the picture. I am talking about one of the many powerful uses of my smartphone.

I own a very powerful Symbian S60 version 3.1 OS 9.2 smartphone. Don't ask me about the brand because I want you guys, gals and gays to figure it out. If you are in doubt, hey, hit the net and start surfing.

With my smartphone I can read books in various document formats from MSWord, Excel, Power Point Presentation and others with the following extensions like .pdf, .pdb, .prc, .rtf, .docX, .chm, .html, .htm, .txt, .jar, etcetera, etc.

In fact, I am using it to process data too!

Smartphones when configured and modified can be use as computers with lightning speed.

So how did I do it?

Fortunately, there are lots of hobbyist and enthusiasts, mostly program coders, who put up cyber communities all over the net for people to join and share ideas, reviews and sometimes beta test the fixes for modifications of smartphones. Some built programs and give it for free! May God bless those kindred spirits.

May your species populate the Earth!

Most of the time, problems like bugs, software repairs and modification requests are already answered in the omnipotent F.A.Q's sections. So all I have to do is to search for the same questions I have and bingo! Lo, and behold the answer was already given before I even asked.

Carrying my Library in my pocket with 1.5+ Gigabytes amount of books data change my life. I don't have to go to the library any more!

Reading electronic books is only one of the many capabilities of my very powerful smartphone.

I can honestly say this is one of the things I can't do without.

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