Saturday, 26 September 2009

Email on the iPhone - Made Very Simple

I can honestly say that I do not know one person now that does not have an email address that they will tend to check at the very least periodically. Most people I know check for their emails daily and often many more times throughout the day. I must say that having a couple of email addresses myself that I needed a way to be able to check all of them without the pain of having to sign in and out of different ones and not being able to have two say yahoo or gmail addresses opened at the same time in the same browser. This for me is just reason that the iPhone has become a godsend.

Needing to check multiple email addresses used to be quite time consuming and there were always the ones that got neglected because you would just forget that you have given out that address to people. The iPhone is not just for people with multiple addresses however because it is about the ease of use that so many of the phones applications have making it almost the most pain free way to check your email at any time. It will work off the wireless network within your home or off the built in internet receiver when you do not have this option available meaning that you really can keep up with your emails anytime and anywhere. The beauty for me is that it is so simple to load up and switch between email accounts with no signing in each time to the different ones. It just makes it so simple.

Even if you are on a phone call and the person asks you if you have received their email or perhaps you need to get some information for them that you have sitting in your inbox. You do not even need to get off the call to find it, you can simply press a few buttons on the screen and be looking at your email while talking to someone at the same time. It really is that easy.

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