Monday, 14 September 2009

How to Look Up a Cell Phone Number in Seconds - Alternative #1, 2 Or 3?

You suspect your partner is double-crossing you with someone but can't prove it yet. You haven't found lipstick that's not yours on his collar nor does he smell of a cologne you have never owned. But there's someone your partner has been talking to on the phone and you have three alternatives you can use to prove yourself right.

First Alternative: Hire a Private Detective

If you're not in a hurry to prove infidelity and can wait up to several weeks; and if you have no problem with sparing up to about $200 in fees for the detective, then alternative one suits you just fine.

Second Alternative: Use a Phone Directory like the white pages

Count yourself lucky if the number you're searching for is a landline because you're most likely to find it here. Otherwise, if it is a wireless number, then the White Pages won't do you much, rather, nothing! Why? Mobile numbers are not enlisted in public directories since certain laws protecting the discretion of mobile phone users have been enacted, barring such publications.

Third Alternative: Online Directories for Reverse Cellular Phone Searches

How much easier can it get? Well with these directories it can! All it takes is just keying in some digits and you can retrieve the following information in seconds:

* The first and last name of the owner of that number
* Where they presently and formerly lived
* Some data on their relatives, associates, or even neighbours, etc

Online reverse mobile phone directories are extremely popular because it neither limits you on the number of searches you can make nor does it compromise on discretion. If you're yearning to find out a cheating partner, a prankster who has been bothering you, or just an unknown caller, then you'll be closest to your goal than with any other means.

However, NOT all reverse cell phone directories are equally Accurate and Reliable

Some databases are just too small while some are outdated and therefore inaccurate. You must avoid such databases at any cost

The following website reviews the Top Two Online Databases as of July 2009 and lists the features that you should pay attention to when selecting a reliable and accurate reverse phone directory. If you are looking to do a reverse cell phone lookup, you should check it out by Clicking Here Right Now!

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by: Shania Ward




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