Thursday, 17 September 2009

Trace Cell Phone Number - Use the Same Directories Used by Police and Private Investigators

Unless you are living under a rock you have probably seen on the news the seemingly daily scandals involving politicians, movie stars, or sport stars who are getting busted for cheating on their spouse. Infidelity has seemingly become an accepted practice. If cheating is so prevalent in people of high profile, it makes you wonder if any relationship is safe today from cheating.

While cheating has become common place we still must not jump to conclusions without having evidence to back it up. Often, the first thing that raises red flags are suspicious cell phone calls or emails. Thankfully, along with the technology of cellular phones has also come the technology to trace cell phone number databases from your own computer.

Just a few years ago it would have taken a private investigator to find this same information. The cost would have been in the hundreds and it would take many days to get your answer. New online programs have given access to this information to the public that was once only available to police or FBI.

Cell phone numbers are considered private. This is to protect users from telemarketers. The new reverse lookup phone number services have acquired the directories of cellular providers and in turn, have made the information available online.

When looking for a reverse lookup directory to trace cell phone number information it is important to know what to look for. There are a lot of companies who advertise a free search. Ultimately, there isn't any free search that will give you the name and address from a cell phone number. The free services do not have access to this information. The legitimate reverse databases have to pay the cellular companies a lot of money for their records. Because of this, there will be a small charge by the reputable companies to access their directories.

The small cost is well worth it for the peace of mind the answers will provide. Knowledge is power, and will provide the information you need to take the next step. For a minimal fee you will be able to access the record of one phone number. For slightly more you will have unlimited searches for the next 12 months. It is nice to know that you will no longer have to guess about mystery phone numbers and can quickly and easily trace cell phone number information from home.

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by: Lauren Warner




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