Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Alarm Clock Cell Phones

The cell phones of today are different from the earlier versions of the 1980's. Not only in its sleek and compact designs but also in its features and functions. The cell phones we see today are amazingly small and yet so compact along with its amazing array of features and function which includes a clock, an MP3 player, radio and some even allow you to access the internet and send and receive emails from these mobile gadgets. One of the simplest feature and yet highly useful is the alarm clock function.

For most people, the cell phones don't seem like a very good tool to double as an alarm clock. They prefer having the good old digital alarm clock or a wristwatch which helps them to keep time and remind them of important upcoming events.

There is a new and interesting alarm clock cell phone that comes with an amazing feature. Basically it monitors your sleep pattern and when you reach a shallow point between sleep and waking up, It promptly emits a sound that would awaken you immediately. It works by learning different sleep patterns. It is pretty cool but can be rather spooky for some people. Some may be concerned about keeping the cell pone activated the whole night and the possible loss of battery power. Rest assured that the phones only use a minimal amount of energy during this function and you would not have to worry about leaving it on the whole night through.

There is another interesting alarm clock phone that I saw in a hotel room recently. It was shaped like normal phone but it comes with a built-in alarm function that acts as your wake up call. But unfortunately, this does not come with the service call button or sheet turn downs. But at least it does have a snooze button so can press on that to have another 5 minute sleep.

Office phones come with its own alarm setting too. Those have up to three alarm settings so you can schedule up to three upcoming events in the day to get prompted by the alarm clock. There is also the hands-free function and caller ID so you know who is calling you at the moment of ringing. For most people the good alarm clock is good enough. In fact too much of technology can be tiresome at times.

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