Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Service Center Location on Mobile Phones

Most people are used to sourcing information from the web. So, if you have an Internet enabled computer close at hand, then locating the nearest gas station or the closest ATM isn't a big deal for you. However, information of this sort is mostly required when you are nowhere near a computer. Under these circumstances all you can think of - is using your mobile phone to call the popular directory service or your service provider's call center.

Most service providers fail to realize that mobile phones have evolved into powerful devices and that a mobile phone is the next best thing to a desk top or a laptop computer. Service providers should therefore think of ways for provided service related information on their customers mobile phones.

While on the move, most people are in search of service points, such as; cash machines, restaurants and car washing centers. Service provider's can easily make this information available on people's cellular phone by encouraging them to browse the company's website using their mobile's browser. Present day mobile phones are equipped with desk-top class browsers and most carriers offer convenient connectivity options like; GPRS and EDGE. Hence, websites can easily be accessed from a mobile phone.. It must however be noted, that some people do not like to browse the Internet using a cell phone - owing to readability issues.

Reading text from a mobile phone's browser has always been a problem for mobile phone users. Primarily, because a mobile phone's screen is way too small in comparison to a computer screen. This problem can be addressed by providing information graphically. Locations of service centers can easily be indicated on Flash maps. Flash maps are interactive maps which can store data about each mapped location. These maps can provide an extremely effective graphical interface, using which customers can easily locate the nearest service center. Flash maps can easily render on most mobile phones as most mobile phones have Adobe Flash Player 8 or above installed on them.

In order to make information accessible, service providers must use highly customizable XML based Flash maps.

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