Monday, 5 October 2009

Catch and Nail a Lying Cheating Spouse by Running a Cell Phone Reverse Look on Their Cell Phone

Suspect you're living with a cheating spouse? Then you need to run a cell phone reverse look up! Because chances are, if suspect it, then you're probably right.

You've spent the last few day/weeks wondering what the hell's going on? Your spouse has been coming home at odd hours? Headed straight for the shower to wash off the smell of their lover! Your cheating spouse has gone missing for hours on end with no explanation!

A cell phone reverse look up of the numbers on your spouse's cell is the answer. It might seem drastic, but think about it, a cheating spouse is never going to tell you what they're up to.

Driving yourself crazy trying to figure this out on your own will get you nowhere. So, get hold of your spouse's cell and make a note of all the numbers your spouse calls regularly.

It doesn't matter whether you think you recognize the numbers or not, write them ALL down. Remember, many cheats cheat with people who you both know. Even with a close friend. So you're not only looking for numbers you don't recognize, you're looking for regularly called numbers.

With a cellphone reverse look up, you find out the -

* name of who a phone number belongs to
* where they live - you might even get a Google map straight to their front door!
* who the service provider is
* the area in which the phone was last active in
* and other private information which will help you to identify your cheating spouse's lover.

You should not underestimate the answers that performing a cell phone reverse look up can give you. And let's be honest, the not knowing just what's going on and who with, is driving you crazy!

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Article Source:
by: Mo Simpson




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