Tuesday, 17 November 2009

iPhone Apps Can Make You a Living

Smartphones of all descriptions have really been one of the defining features of a generation: with the iPhone having been the main focus of the smartphone BUZZ for the last couple of years. iPhones have become the standard benchmark for smartphone technology amongst the gadget freaks of the world. This is likely to continue for a period, but without further innovation from Apple and the army of iphone apps developers, the time is approaching when, Android for one, will be banging on the walls of the App store's castle!

However this competition actually presents opportunities for the keen, dedicated programmer who can keep his head in two camps at once. It is clear confirmation that mobile computing applications are going to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. In fact, I can't say it strongly enough - NOW is the time to get involved, if you have the slightest notion of programming applications: for the iphone in particular. The iphone already has two well rooted development and distribution universes running in close parallel, so it is a no-brainer to make sure you cut your teeth in the Apple iphone apps arena, to nurture your project development, programming and marketing skills in order to earn money from those iPhone apps.

Why will the iPhone apps be such a powerful breeding ground for your development career? It seems that there is, more than ever before, something to get everyone using an iPhone. Whether you are a youngster, into your music and videos, who happens to need a mobile phone to stay in touch with parents; or a high power business builder with a penchant for gadgets to organize life and leisure, then you will certainly have at least 20 daily tasks, suitable for rationalizing into apps for the iphone. Even the simplest of home birds seeking entertainment for herself can find a game or media application for this platform that will keep them out of the clutches of boredom. Who or whatever you are, the iPhone is so versatile, thanks to the creativity of the iphone apps development community that it can fit in with almost anybody's lifestyle. Hell, it's even been at the top of my 'Must Have for Christmas' list!

It's no accident that the iPhone has gained this kind of acceptance and popularity. The sheer variety of applications that have been evolved will fit in with almost anyone's lifestyle. Applications have been developed by corporates and freelancers in pretty equal measure, making it possible for some to earn significant money because of the developer's ability to sniff out a gadget's demand. If you are adept at programming, don't be put off the idea of making money with iPhone applications.

The obvious way of making money with iPhone applications is by developing the application yourself. Apple has made it abundantly clear that they are happy (no; desperate!) to buy the rights to distribute a very promising application. If the app you develop provides users with a new way to carry on existing habits with ease and at least the appearance of 'cool', the odds are good that your app will be accepted into the iphone temple by the Apple Apps Store.

It is still possible to achieve the dream of making money with iPhone applications, even if you don't want to sell the rights to your app. This is feasible by charging people who download your app over the internet and who are prepared to compromise the Apple standard security features via the 'jailbreak' community. The profit potential is yours for the taking even if you have to learn more new jargon!

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