Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Fake it - Spotting a Counterfeit iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the world. Global demand for the phone has been overwhelming ever since it was released, and would-be buyers are undeterred by the gadget's price. Initially, users were required to have a specific telephone number and carrier before all of the iPhone features could be unlocked and used. Software hacks were (illegally) developed to "unlock" the phone so that users could use it with a carrier network of their own choosing.

As it was easier to imitate the iPhone instead of offering said hacks, the international market was soon awash with fake phones. The popularity of fake iPhones was especially noticeable in countries where it was not slated for release in the near future. While the earliest fakes were clumsy imitations at best, counterfeiters have progressed to the point where it can be hard to differentiate a fake phone from a real one without a careful comparison of existing iPhone features.

Physically, the fake phones are very similar to the originals at first glance. The touch screen, volume switches and dock connectors are all in the same places. Even the box in which the fake phone comes looks remarkably like the original. The eagle-eyed consumer may spot one or two spelling and grammatical errors that would never have appeared on an original product. However, this may be hard to do as fakes are usually sold online, away from such close scrutiny.

In some of the more obvious fakes, the phones are thicker, longer and bulkier. They also possess buttons or keyboards that aren't found on original phones. They also tend to lack some of the more distinctive iPhone features -fingerprint-resistant casing, a lens that is made of plastic instead of glass, as well as a casing made of plastic instead of metal. Some even come with a stylus!

The difference is most evident when the phone is switched on. This may prove to be a challenge for those who've bought a fake, as there are no instructions on how to remove the battery case and insert the battery (a real iPhone doesn't have a removable battery). While the fake display looks exactly like the original, the accompanying software is extremely slow and responds poorly. Lastly, fake iPhones tend to be much cheaper than authentic ones. If the price is too good to be true, it very likely is!

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