Friday, 20 November 2009

Tips on Mobile Phones Recycling

Like papers we can also recycle mobile phones. Now one may ask the question what are the advantages? One can easily recycle Nokia 6300. The best way to make use of the phone is donate the mobile in any charity where they can fix the phone, if there is any difficulty and give them to someone in need.

The phone can be traded in the shop, if you are planning to buy a new phone. In return, you will get a good discount on the phone. There is one other option if you want to recycle mobile phones. One can sell it to some shop who sells older models. The phone can be dropped at the retailer's store. A phone like Nokia 6300 will be of immense use to the user. Although the technology used in the phone is not new, but this mobile is pretty functional considering the fact that it has a camera, MP3 player and is capable of playing video.

The phone can also be donated to any destitute women shelter and this act can be pretty helpful. This is probably one of the most effective ways of recycling mobile phones. Most of the women in the shelter are known to be battered and abused. They prefer an independent mode of communication when they try to escape a situation. If your phone is of no use to you, why not use it for someone else's benefit? The phones can be life-savers and they can be used to contact an ambulance or police.

If you can, it is also a good option to give it to a seller who refurbishes the used old cells. The contract might have expired. The best way is to sell your old mobile for some cash. In this way, you can recycle your mobile phone and get some money out of it. If the phone is working and there are mo major missing parts or scratches, the buyer will have no difficulty in taking the phone. As for Nokia 6300, most buyers are encouraged to buy an older model, because the phone will never be disappointing.

One can even trade the old model and the contract with someone who is eager to buy an older model. There are several sites where you can swap contracts. Instead of dumping it in the garbage and adding to the pollution of the environment, you can trade the older model for the new one. The best way to recycle the mobile phones is by taking it to the local retailer. There are a number of mall outlets and electronic stores where there are a number of recycling bins. The recyclable materials can be used for making something else, as most mobiles are made with precious materials.

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