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What is GSM? Easy Answers of Common GSM Questions

Though this term has has been around for some time, not many people know what GSM actually means, and the role in plays. Its not difficult to give a definition for this in layman terms that will be quite simple for most to get.

First: What does the acronym GSM mean?

When first created, GSM stood for Groupe Special Mobile, over time however this acronym was altered to be known as Global System for Mobile communications. The group who came to the decision to do this, and who also is controlling the promotion of the GSM standard, is interestingly enough called the GSM Association.

Second: What function is GSM needed for?

It allows mobile phones to make connections with the numerous services that we need (phone calls, messaging, internet, ect.).

Third: And GSM is able to do that how?

The right way to define GSM should be as a cellular network, basically meaning people's phones will try to connect to the network by finding cell signals in the immediate close vicinity. The channels that are in use for signaling and speech are digital instead of the previously used analog, which helps to explain the tech nickname of 2G, being as it built the 1st generation analog into a 2nd generation build.

Fourth: What frequencies does GSM connect to?

The GSM network primarily operates on four different bands. These four are 850, 900, 1800, and 1900MHz. The 900 and the 1800MHz bands are in use by many locations worldwide, however the 850MHz and the 1900MHz bands are usually in use in the United States, as well as Canada, plus parts of South America.

Fifth: What does GPRS and EDGE have to do with GSM?

Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (also known as EDGE) and General Packet Radio Service (also known as GPRS) are both originally used to beef up services GSM was able to provide, and in particular its internet capabilities. The GSM 2G cellular network which are combined with GPRS are commonly called 2.5G (since it is a one half upgrade from 2G), whereas EDGE is an addition to GSM that is considered to be 3G communication technology (and is oftentimes referred to as 2.75G since is combines the older gen GSM 2G with the more up to date 3G technology).

Sixth: Is 3G going to be operated by the GSM frequencies?

It was decided that connections to the 3G network would have to include GSM frequencies (850, 900, 1800, and 1900MHz) combined with 2100MHz UMTS. That GSM is capable of being used with 3G is quite a smart move as it since it permits reductions in network fees due to using GSM's lower frequency bands.

Seventh: GSM network's current state?

GSM is currently considered the primary choice for mobile phones throughout the world (with more than 2 billion people in more than 212 countries using it every day).

Eighth: What is the reasoning behind the widespread adoption of GSM?

Users switched to the GSM frequency due to its higher digital voice quality that it offered added to it being capable of offering low cost alternatives to making calls with a user's phone (most famously SMS (Short Message Service)). The network operators used the GSM bands due to equipment being easy to install.

Ninth: Why does GSM continue to be the world's 1st choice?

Usage all over the world for GSM has let network providers give users the ability to roam, basically meaning that subscribers can operate the phones from GSM carriers all over the world. No other frequency can even come close to being able to match GSM's widespread coverage.

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