Friday, 22 January 2010

Track Cell Phone Text Messages

If you want to track cell phone text messages, then you may have to take some unconventional routes to do so. Many times the type of information people are interested in finding are not where the text messages came from, but the nature of the text messages and access to all of them. There are not too many services that exist at this moment which would give you access to such private records. The only real option you have is to do away reverse lookup on the source of the text.

Once you're able to find this information you will gain access to much more detailed information. Even though text messaging is very big these days, and just about everyone does it, there is still not too much technology available for the average individual to gain access to such records. Usually the only option you really have is for the cell phone carrier of that number to provide you with this information. For privacy purposes they have chosen to seal off this information, and usually cannot gain access to it unless they can be sure it is for good reason.

Usually the police will have to request this information and or some sort of attorney. Many times they will only turn over the information directly to one of these sources and not a private individual. There are some cell phone companies who may provide you with these records if you are willing to pay a small fee, but most of them do not.

The only real choice for you is to find out who is behind the text messages and then find out information about them. Also, if you are being seriously harassed by someone by means of text messages, then it you will have the option of filing a police report. This is what is usually required in order for you to gain access to the cell phone text messages history.

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