Friday, 22 January 2010

Which Mobile Phone Provider to Choose?

With the advent of several mobile phone providers, the choices have become more confusing but interesting as always. All the big cities have 3-5 big players and 2-4 mini players.

However, below are a few terms that you must be acquainted with before choosing a service provider:

1. CDMA- the full form is Code-Division Multiple Access Spread Spectrum. In this technique, no specific frequency is assigned to each user. This provides clear reception of frequency and thereby, better usage. Companies dealing with CDMA in North America are Telus Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel and Bell Mobility.

2. GSM- Global System for Mobile Communication uses narrow band TDMA that allows only 8 simultaneous calls on the same radio frequency. But, they are the world leaders in SMS, OTA (over the air) configuration, GSM positioning and global phones. GSM 900 is popular in European and Asia-Pacific region; GSM 1800 in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia; and GSM 1900 in Canada and America. In North America, top GSM providers are Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile, Rogers Wireless and Fido.

Now which network would you choose? This depends upon you. Both are equally credible with their own advantages and disadvantages. Also, your decision will depend upon the geographical area that you reside in. Suppose you live in the US, then GSM 1900 and CDMA will be a good option.

With time, if you desire, you can switch your existing mobile phone provider with a new provider. This decision can be that you are dissatisfied with the existing provider because the quality of the services has deteriorated or there are new service providers in the market that cater to your needs more deftly. Switching the service providers cannot be troublesome since you get to retain the existing cell numbers, that is, there is number portability.

So, how are you going to choose? It is always reliable to take the advices of family members, friends, relatives and colleagues because you will get better and correct feedback regarding the service providers. Then you can visit the company website or the local stores to know about newer plans and schemes. Then, there is the technique of 'reverse cell phone look up' wherein you just have to type the cell phone number of the person whose provider you want to know about and the details will be on your computer monitor. You can compare several providers and select the best suited. But, keep in mind that if you are bound by contract with the existing provider, then you will have to pay some fees for terminating the same.

In totality, do an all around investigation of the mobile phone provider and select the best. Do not compromise on quality and services.

You may need to consider the connectivity and tariff plans when choosing a mobile phone provider. To know more about the facts concerning GSM mobile phones, you may visit the provided link.

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